St. Kevin Catholic Church

Established in 1963, Saint Kevin mission served the faithful living anywhere west of Saint Brendan parish. Daily Masses were celebrated at the Concord Shopping Center and at the Crown Bowling Alley on Holy Days of Obligation before moving into a two story house that became a combination rectory, hall, and chapel. A growing congregation prompted worshipers to move Mass to the Concord Theater where a plywood altar and other necessities had to be moved into and out of the facility for the celebration. Plans for a multi purpose building project were afoot in 1968, and a new “church,” now the parish hall, was dedicated in 1971.

A large influx of Cuban immigrants in the 1970s brought tremendous growth to the mission, which attained parish status at this time. A flurry of building activities in the late 1970s and early 1980s resulted the construction of new church, a parish hall, a rectory, and a school, structures damaged first by Hurricane Andrew in 1992, and then by Hurricane Irene in 1999.

This “parish surrounded by water” thrives, with over 1300 registered active families, a vigorous elementary school and religious education program, and constant sacramental ministry. A variety of ministries foster spiritual growth and serve the community.