The sacrament of Baptism is the first of the initiation sacraments of the Catholic Church. Through this sacrament, we receive grace, a share in God's own life.  This grace enables us to live as disciples of Christ as we are purified and renewed by the waters of Baptism.

Through Baptism, we are freed from Original Sin, become children of God, and welcomed into the Church, the Body of Christ.  We are sealed, or forever marked, with the sign of faith as belonging to Christ and have the hope of living in God's love forever.

It is always a joyous occasion for the community of faith to welcome new members into the Church.  The sacrament of Baptism is a communal celebration where the entire faith community comes together as the Body of Christ.

Schedule for Baptisms

(children under age 7)


Second Sunday of the month


Third and Fourth Sunday of the month

For children 7 years and older, please contact the Religious Education Office

For adults, please contact the Parish Office.

Baptism Information:

All Baptisms are in community.  There are NO private Baptisms.